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Well it is obvious that we create video infographs. But we are not limited to only that. The great thing about motiongraphics is that the possibilities are almost endless. We can turn your idea into reality. We will be there for you from the first to the last step of the process, creating a custom-made animation. When you share your story with us, the process starts. We come up with angles that we can take to visualize your story. Once the ideas are gathered, the sketching starts. This process will then be followed by the creation of the motiongraphic.

The only limit is your own imagination

But that is not where it stops. Sound is an integral component of telling the viewer your story. We can arrange narrations in almost every language and we only work with quality voice agencies and voice talents. All this combined will result in a stunning video. We serve clients from all over the world and work for local as well as for Top 500 companies. So no matter how small or big you are, it is all about the story you want to share and we would be happy to be a part of it.

Why VideoInfographs?

Motiongraphics are the perfect tool to share valuable information with your audience.


Bring complex information to the viewer in an engaging way.


Promote your product or service in an easy to digest video.


Inform your employees or clients about new services and processes.

Have an idea?

We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life.

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Why VideoInfographs is awesome?

Flexibility, very short communication lines and professional skills are our key factors.


By working for brands and organizations from all over the world, we have learned a lot.


Something fresh and vibrant? Or a design that fits your brand identity? You name it!


We always adjust the style to your targeted audience. Strictly business or to entice consumers.

Sound & Narration

Sound is a important part of the motiongraphic. And narration gives it that professional touch!

Tailor made

No limitations. All our motiongraphics are tailor made to your needs.

Full service

From the very beginning to the very end, we are ther for you.

Need motiongraphics to support your social media strategy?

Because Facebook is just not the same without video.

On all major social networks video is by far the most viewed, liked and shared type of content. Are you ready to go viral?

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When you love what you do, numbers don't mean a thing. But it is still pretty cool huh!?

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